Consulting Services
The ACA team's varied experience enables us to deliver an outstanding combination of strategic, financial marketing and operational expertise to clients. Ranging from industry forecasting and benchmarking to risk management, as well as expert witness and litigation support, ACA delivers the specialized knowledge and services our clients need to fulfill their business objectives.

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Expert Witness and Litigation Support

ACA's professionals have provided expert advice on some of the industry's largest disputes. Their broad knowledge of the industry has great value in helping litigators understand the context of the issues in a dispute and how this information can be used for the benefit of the client. ACA's experts have participated in contract disputes, trade disputes, arbitrations, and governmental reviews.

Recent Engagements

  • Advised on financing issues for several engagements.
  • Advised an aerospace manufacturer on the competitive aspects of an acquisition for submission to the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Provided advice and expert reports in a number of labor arbitrations.
  • Provided advice and expert reports in a number of disputes between manufacturers.