Consulting Services
The ACA team's varied experience enables us to deliver an outstanding combination of strategic, financial marketing and operational expertise to clients. Ranging from industry forecasting and benchmarking to risk management, as well as expert witness and litigation support, ACA delivers the specialized knowledge and services our clients need to fulfill their business objectives.

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ACA's professionals believe that defining objectives is the most important part of a benchmarking exercise. Our experience enables us to help clients identify the key benchmarks that are central to their success and thus avoid wasting attention on cost or performance criteria that are not relevant.

Recent Engagements

  • Benchmarked operating costs of a proposed regional jet against competitive aircraft.
  • Benchmarked operating costs of U.S. airlines for a large airline union.
  • Benchmarked U.S. airline operating costs for a large Latin American carrier.
  • Developed an aircraft valuation model based on benchmark data.
  • Advised a major aerospace company on the impact of LCC's on aircraft values using benchmark data.