Business Sectors
ACA has brought together a team of highly successful executives skilled in different disciplines who have worked for firms across the aerospace and aviation sector, from airlines and airports to manufacturers and financial firms. This gives ACA deep insight and understanding, often based on direct hands-on experience of senior managers, in most sectors of commercial aerospace and aviation. Click on a specific area of interest to explore the expertise that ACA has to offer to different sectors.

Ground Handlers and Cargo Companies

ACA has developed a special niche in the ground handling business that serves both the ground handlers and the airlines. ACA's senior professionals have managed these businesses and have in-depth understanding of industry trends and issues as well as personal experience of P&L responsibility for these enterprises. In addition, ACA provides outstanding capabilities in planning, marketing, and finance, including valuations and M&A activities for its clients.

Relevant Engagements

  • Advised an equity fund on the acquisition of a ground handling company.
  • Advised a major European airline on the creation of a joint venture for its U.S. based ground handling operations.
  • Conducted a study on ground handling fees at major U.S. airports.
  • Analyzed the costs and benefits of having a single ground handler operate at a large international air terminal.
  • Identified qualified candidates and advised a large ground service provider in its acquisition of a cargo handling company.
  • Provided sales/marketing support to a mid-sized airport maintenance company in its successful bid to a major carrier.
  • Advised a major Latin American carrier on the divestiture of its ground services division.
  • Evaluated the demand for cargo services at a regional airport in Mexico.
  • Performed the due diligence on the acquisition of a cargo warehouse company that served small U.S. cities.