Business Sectors
ACA has brought together a team of highly successful executives skilled in different disciplines who have worked for firms across the aerospace and aviation sector, from airlines and airports to manufacturers and financial firms. This gives ACA deep insight and understanding, often based on direct hands-on experience of senior managers, in most sectors of commercial aerospace and aviation. Click on a specific area of interest to explore the expertise that ACA has to offer to different sectors.

U.S. Government Agencies

ACA's professionals have extensive experience working with U.S. Government agencies, multi- lateral institutions, and with agencies of foreign governments. Our services include analyses and assessments of airline competition issues, advice on bi-lateral policy issues, assessments of business development opportunities for U.S. aerospace companies, traffic and fleet forecasts, and the preparation and analysis of specific infrastructure development plans for aviation projects for governmental agencies in developing countries.

Relevant Engagements

  • Produced study for the FAA identifying alternative aviation fuel supply chain and project financing issues that must be addressed to support the deployment of sustainable jet fuel in the U.S. and recommending changes to government support programs.
  • Teamed with prime contractor to produce “Guidelines for the Integration of Alternative Jet Fuel into the Airport Setting” under the ACRP research project ACRP 02-18.
  • Member of the review panel for ACRP research project ACRP 02-16 “Airport Ground Support Equipment Inventory and Emission Reduction Strategies.”
  • Teamed with prime contractor in FAA's “Advanced Jet Fuel Quality and Performance Control R&D Study” to recommend changes in the existing aviation fuel quality control and best handling practices necessary to safely deploy alternative aviation fuels at the nation's commercial airports.
  • Teamed with prime contractor in ACRP research project ACRP 02-36, “Assessing Opportunities for Alternative Fuel Distribution Programs” to help airport managements understand opportunities and issues with distributing alternative fuels at airports.
  • Developed data base for use by the FAA for planning and evaluating environmental policies that contains all aircraft and engine models that are either used in or flown to the United States.
  • Organized meeting with the New York financial community to help USDA understand the limitations of its alternative fuel finance guarantee programs.
  • Produced the FAA's annual 15-year U.S. fleet forecast used for internal planning purposes.
  • Advised a South American government on the privatization of its national airline.
  • Advised the Aviation Department of a U.S. city on the impact to its airport of the acquisition of its principal tenant by another airline.
  • Advised Asian government on aviation policy issues for newly privatized airline.
  • Advised on antitrust implications of an airline merger.
  • Performed due diligence on investment by multinational agency in start-up airline.
  • Advised USAID on privatization of Central Asian airline.
  • Performed aviation infrastructure reviews in numerous countries on behalf of USTDA.
  • Analyzed risks associated with support of projects such as a new manufacturing facility and a refurbished maintenance facility for the Economic Development Authority of a U.S. city.