Business Sectors
ACA has brought together a team of highly successful executives skilled in different disciplines who have worked for firms across the aerospace and aviation sector, from airlines and airports to manufacturers and financial firms. This gives ACA deep insight and understanding, often based on direct hands-on experience of senior managers, in most sectors of commercial aerospace and aviation. Click on a specific area of interest to explore the expertise that ACA has to offer to different sectors.


ACA's seasoned professionals have a wide range of experience working with, and for, airlines throughout the world. As a result, they can advise clients effectively on a broad spectrum of topics, including financial and marketing issues, fleet and route planning, and ground operations.

Relevant Engagements

  • Developed business plans for start-up airlines.
  • Provided benchmark analysis for major Latin American and U.S. based airlines.
  • Analyzed potential alliance partners for a major flag carrier.
  • Arranged aircraft financing for a newly established airline in Nigeria.
  • Raised capital for a Caribbean-based airline.
  • Provided temporary senior management for a start-up airline during the critical period of FAA certification.
  • Developed a bottom-up financial forecast for a South American airline to support a financing package.
  • Advised Latin American and Central Asian governments on privatization of their carriers.
  • Advised major airline alliance on common procurement opportunities.