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The ACA Alternative Energy Team When clients choose ACA for help with alternative aviation fuel, they work with knowledgeable, senior professionals that understand airline economics and how those economics affect the development of alternative aviation fuel. Moreover, our consulting team has been chosen to provide clients access to the breadth of skills and experiences needed to execute important consulting engagements. This ensures that clients receive insights that meet today's problems with solutions that take into consideration the future's needs.

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Tom Casey
Mr. Casey career spans over 50 years in the aviation business, with a focus on aircraft engines. He spent the majority of his career with General Electric (GE), and later represented United Technologies (UTC) in Latin America. His background includes engineering, strategic planning, and sales, and his sales responsibilities included marine and industrial engines as well as aircraft engines.

For the past 30 years Mr. Casey has lived in Rio de Janeiro. During his years in South America, Mr. Casey has become a trusted advisor to that region's aviation community, airports, and airlines. His advice is sought by governments on aviation matters, the military on technology issues, and airlines on a broad array of technical and strategic topics. Since joining ACA as Managing Director - South America, he has worked with Brazilian industry and government officials on aviation biofuels initiatives including advising Petrobras Biocombustivel, the Petrobras subsidiary responsible for developing renewable bio fuels, on alternative aviation fuel certification issues; providing ASTM Certification roadmap to ANP, the Brazilian National Petroleum Agency, pursuant to qualifying new bio jet fuel candidates for aviation use; providing information to Embraer, Amyris, GE, and Azul Airlines, and worked with Brazil's National Civil Aviation Agency, ANAC, which resulted in an MOU for a flight test of an Amyris fermentation process alternative jet fuel in an Azul airplane. He also advised Embraer on alternative aviation fuel issues and the creation of ABRABA, the Brazilian counterpart of CAAFI.

Mr. Casey retired as Vice-President and General Manager of GE's Aircraft Engine and Aerospace Operations in Latin America, and then he represented UTC's Pratt and Whitney Division and International Aero Engines in Latin America.

He is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian as well as his native English. He is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
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